*** Important Warning *** 

We, from the Cognitive Innovations Labs Pvt Ltd, management would like to share the below Notice to all the relevant people connected with our Company.

We have recently unearthed financial fradulent activities by some of the former employees of our company. We have terminated all the connected employees from Service. Police have filled an FIR and searching the absconding Criminals listed below. Cyber Crime division and crime division of Police are on the lookout for these individuals. 

These accused, have committed major financial crimes in the company taking out company funds illegally using forgered documents. They have also applied loans to various Banks and cheated various Banks using these forged documents. 

if you come across the below absconding criminals, please immediately report to the near by Police Station or alternatively, you can write it to info@cognitiveinnovations.in

We, have also found that these accused individuals, use various fraudulent signature types for each type of crimes. 

Please do not trust any documents signed by these individuals on company behalf without proper validation. Cognitiveinnovations Labs Pvt ltd will not be responsible for any of the crimes committed by these fradulent individuals. 

During our investigations, we have found that, some of the employees were also hand and glove with the above criminals and actively took part in several crimes including forgery. Some more employees (Both women and men) were found, supporting these criminals by passing on information through emails, social media apps and also through various communication channels, mobile and land line phones, even after a formal communication sent to all the employees, about the Criminal activites of the above accused persons.

Those individuals who were supporting the criminals were already included, or getting included as when the evidences were found,  under the IPC sections of 115 and 116, Abetment of crime, punishable with imprisonment of upto 14 years. 

We assure, the employees who were found thoroughly honest, sincere, hardworking and supports the cognitiveinnovations efforts in bringing the perpetrators to justice, will not be impacted by these legal actions. 

Management Team
Cognitiveinnovations Labs Private Ltd.

Accused No.1: Sai Krishna Para

Accused No.2 Venkata Ramesh

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